Watch the Creatures on Sundance TV Global and Ninateka

  My short film Creatures is now available on the Sundance TV Global vimeo channel, as well as the internet platform of the Polish National Audiovisual Institute: Creatures (2015) is a grotesque love story about Harold and Matylda – two caricatures of people, trying to adjust to the black and white environment they live in….

Sara and the Scarecrow.

This series is a modern fairy tale about adventure and friendship between 9 year old Sara and her best friend – the clumsy, but loving Scarecrow. Sara spends her holidays on an isolated farm with her grandparents. The forest around is full of creatures inspired by the Slavic mythology, they impersonate the forces of nature…

Tappi the Viking.

During the next few months I will be directing two out of 13 episodes of the new animated tv series produced by EGo Film. The animation is based on a book series by Marcin Mortka with the illustrations of Marta Kurczewska. The series will tell the story of Tappi, a Viking, whose strongest wapon is…

Sundance Channel Grand Jury Award for Creatures!

Creatures have received the SC Grand Jury Award during Sundance London Film Festival 2017. They are now licensed by the Sundance Channel, so if you haven’t seen them yet, maybe you’ll be able to catch them on your tv. Kreatury/Creatures TRAILER, reż./dir. Tessa Moult-Milewska from Studio Munka on Vimeo.

Our crowdfunding campaign was successful! Thank you!

Our crowdfunding campaign was a success! Thanks to your help we will proceed in working on the film Siwa and Ora and hope to show it to you soon! Here’s a short thank you video just to give an idea how many people trusted us and supported our goal. Thank you guys! Enjoy our short trailer…

My commercial works

I like to think I put a bit of my heart in everything I do, even when it’s on commercial purposes. These ones I madly enjoyed creating the sets and puppets and then directing.

My graduation film – The Designer is online.

The Designer (2012) – my graduation film from the Film Academy of Miroslav Ondricek is now online on the vimeo channel of it`s producers – Fumi Studio. You can read more about the film here or on the facebook fanpage.

You can now order the DVD set with Creatures!

You can now order the DVD set with the Polish Debuts of 2015 produced by the Munk Studio. To get your copy please write to Kreatury wraz z pozostałymi produkcjami Studia Munka z 2015 roku można już zamówić na stronie producenta. Na najnowsze trzypłytowe wydawnictwo DVD trafiło 11 filmów z programów “Pierwszy Dokument”, “Młoda Animacja” i  “30…

Watch The Tenement Building online

Film w reżyserii Agnieszki Burszewskiej, przy którym miałam okazję współpracować przy oświetleniu oraz jako operator jest już dostępny online na kanale vimeo producenta – Fumi Studio. A film directed by Agnieszka Burszewska. I had the opportunity to help with the lightning and as cinemaographer. It is now available on the vimeo channel of it`s producers…

Media articles and interviews

This is the Polish 16mm Magazine. Marek Bochniarz analyses my animations in a multicultural aspect, refering to British victorianism, Indonesian shadow theatre, German silhouette animations and many more. The next article comes from Gazeta Wyborcza Poznań – one of the main Polish newspapers and is focused on the documentary from Komodo Island. The last one comes…