Dolina Kreatywna -1st prize

I am proud to announce I have won the first award in the Polish Channel TVP1 film competition Dolina Kreatywna. The show was screened on multiple occasions on TVP Kultura and should be online soon.


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Directors showreel 2013

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I am very glad to announce I have started my own business on the 14th of October 2013: Indemind Studio. It`s first goal is being the executive producer of Kreatury. There`ll be more coming soon! <- work in progress;)

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KREATURY got funding!

Creations – KREATURY has just got government funding from Studio Munka in a program dedicated to film debuts! That means we`re on the move!

We plan to start shooting the film in January 2014 in Łódź.

The story is based on a poem I wrote some time ago, it tells about a very weird couple living in an even more confusing world. It’s about finding their place in the world and overcoming shame, there’s also a lot of abstract grotesque.

We have a fanpage, they`re be lots of updates:


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Spider and Flies


I started working on this animation at ANIMA – an international workshop organized in Dresden. Unfortunately the two weeks were not enough to finish it. I needed another few months to complete this short (3:30 min.) animation, so I shut myself at home, built a table for animation with some help of friends, and then just animated, 25 frames per second. It’s a traditional cut-out animation except for the fact that all the puppets were designed on the computer and then printed out on transparent foil. It tells a simple story based on a childrens poem of a polish writer brought to the reality of a developing post-industrial town.  It’s a personal reflection of mine, when I used to live it the centre of Warsaw, oposite the main train station and the bussiest shoping centre you can find. I lived on the 15th floor of a dull and depressing block, though the view was crazy. The animation it is now complete and will be screened in the official selection at Cornwall Film Festival in November.

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The Tenement

The Tenement (Kamienica) dir. Agnieszka Burszewska. I had the great pleasure to join in as cinematographer. Check out for more at:


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Here are some stills from the commercial films done for Hypermedia Isobar, finished in October 2012. The idea was to create puppets made of bulbs resembling film characters (Hannibal, Titanic, Phantom of the Opera, American Beauty), then birds resembling networks, and a little green robot, that were to play in the movies. There are four short films in total, each one lasting about a minute.


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