Bio [EN]

      Tessa Moult – Milewska is an animation director that hates to write about herself in the third person.

She was born in the UK in 1990 but grew up in Poznań, Poland. She loves to travel and often wishes had stayed in the neverland called Indonesia, where she lived happily for a year, eating rice and papaya leaves, climbing toxic volcanoes, and chasing Komodo Dragons.

She believes traveling allows her to go further out in the world, while dreaming draws her further inside it. This is why she loves animations, it feels like bringing the dreams to life.

 One of her early successes was winning, at the age of 18, a scholarship to study film directing at the Warsaw Film School. She graduated at the Czech Film Academy of Miroslav Ondricek in Pisek in 2011 with a BA in film directing and signed up as unemployed at the age of 21.  

Against common sense, she continued to work on film and animation and a few years later won the main award in the National Tv Channel TVP1 competition for young talents in film (Dolina Kreatywna, 2014). In 2015 her official film debut Creatures was produced by the Munk Film Studio in Warsaw as part of the Young Animation Program, it was distributed worldwide through the Krakow Film Foundation, and is now listed as the second most often screened abroad Polish animation of 2016. It was also awarded the Sundance Channel Grand Jury Award during Sundance London 2016 and is now licensed to the Sundance Channel Tv.

Tessa currently resides in Warsaw and is most absorbed by writing the 13 scripts for the animated tv series Sara and the Scarecrow as well as directing two episodes from an animated series about Tappi the Viking. She is also working on a book adaptation, but is not allowed to speak about it. It’s probable she will anyway if you offer to take her for a coffee. 

Sara and the Scarecrow (writer; in preproduction)
Tappi the Viking – 2 episodes (director; in production)
Siwa and Orah  (director; 2017)
Creatures (writer, director; 2015).
Spider and Flies (director; animator; 2013).
The Designer (writer, director; animator; 2012).


+48 728 655 142



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